Little Fox Organics

For my final thesis project for my Bachelor of Arts: Design Studies degree, I created a fictional dog nutrition company named Little Fox Organics. This company had three products: a line of dog supplements that could be added to any pet diet to add fresh and beneficial ingredients to their lives.

Product Photography – Still Life

I took several variations of product pictures that included using the ingredients alongside the products themselves. My vision was to show that these supplements are made with real fresh ingredients and are a healthy additive to your dog’s diet. I took shots of the products with the ingredients, the ingredients by themselves, and what it looks like when the product is with your pet’s food.

Product Photography – Candid

When looking at other similar companies for inspiration, I noticed how they used candid shots of the dogs enjoying their product. For my photos I took pictures of different dogs, at different locations, and all enjoying their fresh food supplements in different locations.

Company Instagram

I created a Instagram using all the pictures I took. I made it look like a couple of dog nutritional brand’s Instagram accounts that I have seen. They all seemed to focus on the ingredients and the dogs enjoying the product. I balanced the images to create a attractive feed.

Behind the Scenes – Editing

Since I was only a College Student when making this project, I did not have a huge budget in completing this company startup. I used my skills in editing to make the scene look exactly how I envisioned it. I bought a few panels of marble, fake wood, and slate to use as backgrounds and surfaces for my product photos. Whatever the backgrounds didn’t cover, I used Photoshop to extend and fill in the spaces. I also fixed any blemishes and edited the levels in the photos to appear high quality.