Pet Resort Website

This website was the first real website I coded outside of class work and it presented many challenges that I had to overcome. I had to redo the website’s code several times because I kept learning better ways to do something that I had already done. This website started as a hard-coded html site and then I adapted that code into my own WordPress theme.

The initial idea came from me wanting to redo my work’s website because I wanted to update our branding to appear more modern and responsive. With having a good insider knowledge of the place, I could design how I felt would best represent the company. Overall, it was eye opening to work on this site because I had a lot of information to sort and plan what would be best for our clientele to view.

The final website is responsive and mobile friendly. It has pages for more information on us, how to contact us, a store to purchase services or retail, and to learn more about our main three services: Boarding, Daycare, and Grooming.